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Welcome to HairRemovalTruth.com, your source for factual, objective information on hair removal techniques. If you are undecided as to which method is right for you, please the hair removal methods diagram first. Then, visit the appropriate category for that method.

If you are unsure of a term used, please visit our hair removal glossary of terms, which explains – in plain English – the most commonly used terms.

There are many products for home use. Unfortunately, many do not live up to their promises. Read our objective reviews for at-home laser and electrolysis hair removal systems.

Types of Hair Removal

As you’ll soon see, choosing the right method is contingent on many factors including budget, desired effects, hair and skin color, medical history and preference for professional or at-home hair removal systems. Below is a very brief summary of the most popular techniques.

Electrolysis removes hair by sending short bursts of electricity directly into the hair follicle. It is the only form of permanent hair removal approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and has been used safely – and successfully – since the 1890’s. Due to its permanent results, the initial high cost of electrolysis pays out over time.

Laser treatment is a form of permanent hair reduction, not removal. Patients usually require between 3 – 6 months of treatment and often see up to six months of hair-free results (some patients even report permanent results, though this is not to be expected). Unfortunately, laser treatment does not work effectively on very dark skin or very light hair (blonde, gray or light red) due to high amounts – or lack of – pigment. Therefore, the ideal candidate for laser treatment has light skin and dark hair. Laser treatment can be done professionally or at home (read our TRIA, Silk’n SensEpil and No!No! reviews to determine which is right for you).

Depilatories – also called “hair removal creams” – are applied directly to the skin. Chemicals break down protein bonds in the hair within 3 – 6 minutes, which are then wiped away either in the shower or a dry cloth. Much cheaper than electrolysis or laser treatments, depilatories are a fast, relatively expensive method for short-term hair removal at home. Read a number of hair removal cream reviews here. Without a doubt, the most popular depilatory on the market today is Nair, though are a number of similar products available.

Waxing remains the most widely-used method – both at home and in salons. It falls between depilatories and laser treatment in terms of price and duration of results. All three forms of bikini waxing remain popular, and choosing the correct wax for each is vital for maximum results.

Threading is an ancient hair removal method created by the Egyptians. It is fast, effective and very inexpensive. Done properly, threading works like a faster version of tweezing; instead of removing one hair a time, threading allows for multiple hairs to be plucked simultaneously.

Shaving is one of the cheapest – yet least effective – methods of hair removal. Read our ultimate guide to shaving, which explains how to consistently get the closest, smoothest shave possible. Used predominantly by men for facial hair removal and by women for legs, shaving is inexpensive and can be done in the privacy of your own home.



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